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Book Medicare Made 123 Easy 4th Edition

Mr. Schaeffer is one of the best-selling authors on the subject of Medicare. See his book in your local library or get your own copy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


David P. Schaeffer , CEO

Our mission is to make selecting the most appropriate Medicare plan 123 Easy. We start with every plan available in your zip code. Not just five or ten plans, but EVERY single option available. In many cases that means 15,188 options to most folks turning 65.
Our process helps you narrow the choices to one or two plans in less that 45 minutes. You select from every company and plan offered in your zip code, not from a short list compiled by someone that does not even know your name. In our medicare planning meeting we begin with what’s most important, keeping your doctors, then we research every option available to keep your prescription drugs costs as low as possible. (Note: A Medicare planner, agent advisor or broker may not ask for your prescription drugs in helping you select a plan, you must volunteer this information.)
Next we look at the plan benefits to keep your co-pays in check. The process is designed to look at all or your options across all brands to match your needs to a plan instead of you inconveniently changing your doctors and drugs to fit into a plan.
We start with your needs, not a companies marketing plans or associations or affiliations. The end result is you will will discover a plan the most appropriately meets your needs not the other way around.

Our Scottsdale Main Office

DavidSEdge portrait

David S. Edge                Scottsdale

David Edge is one of our top advisors. He brings over 30 years of executive level experience in the financial services industry. When he is not helping clients plan for retirement, he is writing for our blogs, books, and radio show.


Sharon Colbert-Groves   Scottsdale

Sharon plays a dual role. As a planner she helps clients select their Medicare plans.  As our client care manager she reaches out to just about every one of our clients, just to say hi. Look forward to her cheerful call!


Howard A. Farkash          Phoenix

Howard is a seasoned Medicare Planner with over 17 years of experience. When he is not helping clients with their Medicare needs, he is helping them plan for their grandchildren’s education.


Dianna Harbaugh        Gilbert & Mesa

Dianna is one of the most caring advisors you may ever meet. Not only is she appointed with every Medicare carrier, she plans for every contingency in our client’s life, including long-term care, legacy, and lifelong income.


Trudy Mercante           All Maricopa county

Trudy is a full-service planner helping clients valley wide! Preparing for Long- Term Care, Medicare, Retirement, and leaving Legacies is just the beginning of the caring service she provides.


The road warriors

John Conner

John Conner                Tucson & So. Arizona

John started his career as the appointment setter for our firm. He became the IT department, then the marketing guy, the operations manager and finally earned his insurance license. No one understands what it takes to run a successful planning firm more than the guy that has worn every hat. John now runs the southern Arizona Medicare planning practice.


Richard Gilmore              Prescott to Yuma

Rick travels the state caring for Medicare beneficiaries wherever they may live. From Yuma to Las Vegas and Bullhead City to Payson.  Rick has been in the retirement planning business for more years that we care to count. One thing is for sure, You get More with Gilmore!


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